What Can Happen to Your Shower Over the Years?


Bathroom and kitchen equipment is something which asks for high maintenance and cleanliness. This has ultimately made things complicated for a home-maker. The reason why the bathroom or kitchen belongings need to be cleaned thoroughly that too on daily basis is, they are in regular contact with an excessive amount of water, almost for the entire day. This ultimately ends up affecting the reliability factor of the complete range of bathroom equipment.

Forget about the other specific bathroom equipment, shower and tap are something which is commonly found in every bathroom in the entire world. However, the size, shape, design or brand might differ but the basic equipment is always the same.

And today we are going to keep the showers in the limelight of our discussion.

How showers look or turn out to be over the years?

The shower is one thing that is used on daily basis. No matter which season, using shower is one vital part of daily routine. Naturally, when the shower is been used on daily basis, you’ll often get to see some minor or sometimes major issues happening with the shower. And amid all of them, a shower seal removal is quite a common one.

In order to let you have a better overview of the shower repair or conditions with the growing time, here is all that you need to know about it.

1. Shower color – As the shower is supposed to spill out water, there are times it gets covered with stubborn watermarks which are hard to remove after a certain time duration. This ultimately makes the shower look ugly and an old one. This condition can be witnessed just after 4-5 months of constant rough usage.

2. Functioning – With time, the shower might stop working as properly as its first day. And the reason is water particle clogging inside the shower head. Due to hard water supply, there are times when a few of water and other harmful particles get stuck inside the shower head causing it to release water improperly.

3. Condition – Of course, after a year, the shower won’t look or work like it did in the initial days. This is when you don’t take good care of the shower which ultimately makes thing worse for you to handle. And in a high majority of cases, home-makers feel compelled to change the shower head.

4. Smell – Though fresh water never smells but when you store it for long, it starts releasing a pungent smell which is hard to even inhale. The same is the case with your shower, if a few of the water particles get stuck inside it, the shower starts to smell bad.

If you wish to see your bathroom shower in an appropriate condition forever, keeping good care of the same is always important. The shower should be washed as well as dried on daily basis after using it to maintain it in the best possible manner.

The concluding words-

Sealing Showers or any other bathroom equipment is quite a major concern, in terms of condition. The more you care, the more it survives without letting you suffer the maintenance cost.

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