Commercial Combi Ovens

If you’re planning to buy a Combi Oven, perhaps you must stick to that decision as this is the largest expenditure to make for your commercial kitchen. With a professional Combi oven, you definitely have an essential addition in your commercial kitchen restaurant or a catering business. Therefore, it’s important that you start making a suitable investment with a correct oven.

The technology behind this amazing Combi oven is still new to the restaurant industry. As a chef or normal cook in your house, You really need to understand what a Combi Oven does, what it can do and how to use in your daily operations. You might know some fact about the technology behind this item and how to choose the right Combi oven for your kitchen. But the question is, what can you cook with a commercial Combi Oven? Well, this magnificent oven does a dozen of things that worth your attention.

A Combi oven is generally an oven with three main functions. These include combination, steam, and convection cooking. The combination mode uses both the steam and dry heat to maintain the exact humidity levels. The steam mode is essential as it injects water directly into the oven to poach rice, fish, and vegetables. The real genius behind the Combi convection oven is the convection mode which circulates the dry heat sufficient for poaching rice, fish and the vegetables. Therefore, it gives you an opportunity to take control of the moisture levels in your food.

As far as combination, stream and convection cooking is a concern. Some may think a steam mode is strictly for cooking vegetables. However, the following are other types of food you need to fill a bigger space in your every cooking.

Combi Steam oven breakfasts and grain dishes
You can easily stream oatmeal, scrambled and the boiled eggs for your breakfast. Other simple stuff you might be interested in streaming includes millet, oat porridge or rice, buckwheat, or couscous which are all ingredients for salads and other side dishes (same as the commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney classes & life coaching blog.

Steam lean protein
You certainly like chicken, fish, pork and other bits of lean meat. This method is preferable for sous to vide and not red meat when you’re looking for a beautiful texture to lean protein.

Steam oven stewed and poached fruit
This will help you retain your flavor as compared to boiling process. You can stew fruit with less or no sugar at all to maintain its true flavor.

The control level of the foods cooked with the Combi oven has adjustable levels ranging from 0% to 100% relative humidity. This is the common term that describes the quantity of water vapor existing in the gaseous mixture of both air and water. With Combi oven, you’ll experience significant benefits like reduced shrinkage, consistent cooking results, elimination of flavor transfer, and saving time and labor.

The choice of a Combi oven should entirely be based on the kind of food and the features for a particular purpose. Some specific-featured Combi ovens are only designed to cater for high cooking volumes. For better performance, take time to clean and maintain your Combi oven as it will save you money.

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